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Signs of rottenness of Lighvan cheese and ways to prevent it

Despite the high shelf life of Lighvan cheese compared to other types of dairy products, in some cases, likely Lighvan cheese spoils by changing color, smell, and often by taste and bitter taste. This state can be prevented by somefactors.

Due to the fact that cheese is stored in metal cans in the early stages of production and even some small packages are made of metal and since water-soluble salt is highly corrosive to iron, so it is possible that the cans and metal packaging to be Perforation of the packaging and likely leaking the preservative and infiltrating the air is one of the main reasons for the spoilage of Lighvan cheese.
Therefore, it is essential to change the container immediately after observing damage to the cheese packaging.

The second factor in the spoilage of Lighvan cheese is the presence of hollow bubbles in Lighvan cheese, as well as the lower density of fat than water, causes that Lighvan cheese has a lower volume density than salt water. Thus, the slices of Lighvan cheese float on the salt water and a part of to be out of salt water.
Leaving Lighvan cheese out of its preservative is a logical reason for spoiling of the cheese.

If you encounter this condition after opening the cheese door, try to put a plate on the slices and place a weight on the plate until the slices stay in salt water. You can also pour some salt water in a freezer nylon and place it on the slices.
The above mentioned items are the only way to prevent the cheese from spoiling and has little effect on previously spoiled cheese. Therefore, do not consume the spoil cheese or cheese with unusual colors and smells.

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